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The Upcycled Hippie

The Upcycled Hippie was started with a single purpose: to be environmentally friendly and keep things out of the land fill. 

While recovering from a cycling accident, I sat considered how my life was going. I decided that I wanted to limit my waste, recyclable and non recyclable. I started with learning to make my own soap the old fashioned way by refining bacon drippings into pure lard. From there I made my own cleaners for around the house. I found that I really enjoyed leaving less of a mark on the world. I started looking for a way to expand and share my environmentally friendly ways and The Upcycled Hippie. 

The Item in my shop that are made from recycled materials, are largely donated. If I would buy from a second hand store, I would still not be using something that would be thrown away. Because the products are mostly donated, the items in my shop are one of a kind and can not be guaranteed to be replicated. 

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